Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

Counsel has made recommendations for updating the Bylaws that have governed The Westerlies for over 40 years. Their recommendations will also bring our bylaws in compliance with the Virginia code and legal rulings.

The following summarizes the major changes in the bylaws:  
  • Article III, Section 1 (b) - Clarifies the Board may designate how the annual assessment is paid and the Board presently has designated payment in monthly installments.
  • Article III, Section 1 (d) - Reduces the amount set aside for the General Operating Reserve from 25% to 15% of annual assessments;
  • Article III, Section2 - Changes the annual meeting date from the 2nd Tuesday in January to "in January";
  • Article III, Section 4 - Updates meeting notice requirements as set forth under amendments to the law, and allows for electronic notice if an owner so consents.
  • Article III, Section 5 - Updates rescheduled meeting notice requirements as set forth under amendments to the law.
  • Article IV, Section1 - Provides the flexibility to increase the number of governors to serve on the Board from 5 to 7 governors;
  • Article VI, Section 2 (d) - clarifies repairs and maintenance responsibilities and provides for payment of the master insurance policy deductible by the owner of the unit where the damage originates.
  • Article IX - provides tools to more effectively collect delinquent assessments, thereby decreasing the amounts which must be absorbed by other owners in the community; tools include the acceleration of amounts due through the fiscal year, the suspension of privileges, the imposition of charges on late accounts, and the collection of rental income on delinquent accounts.
The complete discussion draft is posted in the documents section of the website for owners to review the proposed amendments.


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