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Satellite and Cable wires

July 2015: Please take a moment to make sure your unit does not have any exposed wires going into your unit from the exterior. These can all be routed through internal conduit boxes near the exterior electrical meters. For more information, visit our page on satellite dishes and digital wires

New Property Management

The Westerlies Board of Governors has selected Community Association Management Professionals (CAMP) as the new managing Agent for your Association, effective August 1, 2014. All owners received CAMP's welcome letter at the end of July. All residents are encouraged to visit the online web portal at

Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

December 24, 2013 - Several modifications to our Bylaws have been proposed. A summary of the changes and redline version are available for owners to review.

Wintertime Flooding

November 7, 2013 - The cold weather generally brings water main breaks and sewer line back-ups. Please ensure your individual homeowner policies cover flood damage caused by such occurrances.

Discounted Windows

October 20, 2013 - The Board has negotiated discount prices for windows sized specifically for units at The Westerlies. The colors and styles are pre-approved by the board, so an architectural modification form is not required for their installation. Please click on this link for more information

Cable Wire Cleanup Initiative

October 20, 2013 - Verizon has stalled their effort to independently correct improperly installed FIOS wires on our property. Residents have reported some successes when individually contacting them and requesting a correct reinstall. Cox customers are reporting the same. At this point, the Board recommends unit owners, if their lines are improperly installed, contact their providers and request proper installation. If they will not comply with the instruction to install the wires using the existing conduit, please visit the Fairfax County Government's Cable Regulation website. It is run by the Consumer Affairs Branch and from this page, you may file an online complaint, download a complaint form or directly message them. Their phone number is 703-222-8435.

August 8, 2013 - Camellia Fries of GHA has made positive strides with Verizon in dealing with the mess of wires dangling from some of the buildings. The issue started in 2009 because the property was classified as "Single Family Units" as opposed to "Multi-Dwelling Units." We are looking to have a meeting with members of The Board of Directors, GHA and the Verizon engineering team, next week, to find a solution.

July 27, 2013 - The Board of Directors has a new initiative aimed at cleaning up the numerous dangling cable and digital service (FIOS) wires easily observed throughout the community. Violation notices have been sent to owners having wires dangling from or near their unit. If you received a notice for which you are not responsible, please contact Camellia Fries at 703-752-8300 or

Please note, the only compliant way of installing such wires is through the conduit associated with the unit. The use of any other means, such as drilling through the walls is prohibited by our bylaws.

Section XV, paragraph H of the Master Deed states: No Co-Owner or other resident shall install any electrical or telephone wire, television antenna, air-conditioning unit or other machine or device on the exterior of any building or upon any patio or balcony in The Westerlies or in such a fashion that it protrudes through the roof or any walls of the building, except as authorized by the are the guidelines the elected Board of Directors will follow for enforcement.

For more information on managing the wires for your digital services, please see our page on satellite dishes and digital wires.

New 'secured' Owner Documents area on website

At the request of numerous owners, a new, secure, "Owner Documents" area has been added to this website. In order to access this area, through a website driven process, owners must first register. This information will go to the Board of Directors and Management, who will validate the information. If you are having an issue with this process, please contact us at

Complaint policy instituted

In September of last year, the Virginia Legislature passed a law requiring a formal process to resolve issues raised by residents. A formal, written complaint must be submitted to the property manager and an investigation will be held within 30 days. After a hearing, the Notice of Final Determiniation will be given within seven days. You can find more about this policy on our website.

Dehumidifier policy in effect

In an effort to stay on top of moisture issues, the Board of Govs., late last year, passed a Dehumidifier Policy which requests those located below ground level use a dehumidifier as much as possible in order to reduce the level of moisture and humidity. The policy doesn't say you have to use one, but if you later have moisture issues, you may be out of luck. You can find the entire policy on our website.


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