Satellite Dish and Digital Services Installation
An improperly installed satellite dish will damage our roof and surrounding infrastructure. We, recently, completed a very expensive project in replacing all roofs in the community. This included replacing shingles, the underlying plywood and any damaged roofing infrastructure. Please understand, it is in everyone's best interest to keep our roofs properly maintained and in good working order. For more information on the proper procedures for satellite installation, please refer to The policy guidelines satellite dish installation.

If you order a new TV/Internet service, please make note: no wires may protrude from any walls. If you currently have improperly installed equipment, you are required to have it installed correctly. Our units were built with conduit to move telephone, cable and digital services into the unit; please have your installer utilize it.

For the units of The Westerlies, the conduit travels from an outside location near your electrical meter, to your utility closet. Your digital service provider (Verizon or Cox) should know how to utilize it. It is highly probable your existing cable and/or telephone lines travel through the conduit. For FIOS customers, this elimnates the need for having the battery backup unit mounted in a highly visible location, such as your kitchen or living room. Instead, the installer can place it where the conduit enters the utility closet, under the breaker box.

Here is a image of what the exterior conduit box looks like:

outside conduit box

This is typically what the conduit looks like inside the utility room:

inside conduit utitlity room

If the installer will not comply with the instruction to install the wires using the existing conduit, please visit the Fairfax County Government's Cable Regulation website. It is run by the Consumer Affairs Branch and from this page, you may file an online complaint, download a complaint form or directly message them. Their phone number is 703-222-8435.

No one enjoys enforcing our covenant rules, but, if necessary, we will. We all have a lot invested in The Westerlies and we're in this together.

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