Replacement Windows Notice
The Board has made arrangements with a contractor to provide discounted prices for owners interested in  installing improved, more efficient windows.  New windows can save owners money in the long run and will definitely improve the appearance of our buildings.
The Board has obtained discounted prices from NOVA Installations Inc., a BBB accredited business since 1997.  NOVA Installation Inc. has replaced windows for a number of owners in the past and is now quoting the following prices for some of the common window sizes:  
Window  Size (approx.) Cost
Picture Window  35 x 59 $460
Casement 35 x 59 $540
Slider 71 X 59 $540
Slider 35 X 47 $440
Slider 71 x 23 $460
Slider 34 x 48 $440
Slider 59 x 48 $450

These prices are for Ideal UltraTite vinyl replacement windows with a dark brown exterior and white interior and include installation, labor, materials, and clean up.  Other window replacement choices are available including options for the large front window in lower units (i.e. picture window; split window with sliders etc.). All window replacement installation is completed in one day. 

Interest owners can contact Art Dunn at 703-675-0624 to arrange a visit to obtain exact measurements and firm quote for the window replacements you choose your unit.



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